Uptowne Café | September 23rd – Chef Robert Dunn – Bio
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September 23rd – Chef Robert Dunn – Bio

Chef Robert Dunn
Robert Dunn was born and raised in Chicago, with an early background in culinary.  His mother Cheryl had a big part in his career, his passion today. With him being the youngest of 2 children. He had become the Mikey of the family always tasting food and asking questions. Growing up in a Latin neighborhood with a liking for italian food. He developed the love for both. In 2014 Rob graduated from the international institute of art of Minneapolis with the Diploma in the Art of Cooking. Since then Rob has continued to strive at his passion. He also has been featured 4 times with the once was company Dinner Lab.
Robert has become quite the guy to give back as well, with No Kid Hungry Iniatative. He is now the lead cook for the Minnesota Vikings in one of the biggest clubs in the stadium feeding 3000 people per game.

He Loves to research food for a hobby and write menus as well.

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