Uptowne Café | August 19th: Chef Anthony Chavez – Bio
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August 19th: Chef Anthony Chavez – Bio

Chef Anthony Chavez

Anthony began cooking in 2007 by enrolling into a culinary school in Minnesota.

Anthony worked as Sous Chef and later Executive Chef in a small resort deep in the heart of the Wisconsin Northwoods where he began to fully fall in love with the farm & garden aspect of cooking. Anthony held many stages in different kitchens. Some of his favorites included Tru in Chicago, IL & Patrick O’Connell’s iconic Inn at Little Washington, in Washington, VA. It was in this time of constant discovery, Anthony began to find direction in his own work.

In North Carolina,Anthony found his conviction working under Scott Crawford, a determined & driven chef with a philosophy in cooking unlike any other. Crawford taught a standard. A standard to which he held his kitchens, a standard to which he held his food & a standard to which he held his chefs. Working for Crawford ultimately destroyed Anthony’s ability to accept anything less than the standard set before him.

He worked for some years as a butcher, learning the anatomy of all livestock including the American Bison, the quality of Grassfed & the importance of pasture raised.

He studied the artisanship of hand crafted pastas falling in love with the technique of practice.

Anthony started Live Great Food with the idea of bringing his own food to life. He & his wife Jamie, raise their four children in a world of foraging, gardening, harvesting, processing & seasonal preservation; all in the hopes of raising a legacy that understands the full importance of nourishment and what it means to Live Great Food.




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